A Look Back on Boomerangst (2023)

I am delighted to share that the show tunes for Boomerangst, "Climate Crisis," and "Not Quite A Hippy," have recently been awarded 4/5 Star Commended ratings in the UK Songwriting Contest! They are available on Spotify and all other platforms under our band name, Intensive Care. The Climate Crisis music video, filmed in Deadman's Valley which was devastated by fire, can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/Hy5qEgwUt9I. I'm also pleased to note that a review of The Chimera Theatre ...

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Dick Sheppard: Conscience of His Age

This article was originally published on the Consequence Forum. On a misty September day in 1914, King George the Fifth, dressed in shooting gear, stands in a field at Windsor Home Park. He aims his hammer gun at a target several hundred feet away, and fires. Beside him, a dapper man in his thirties named Dick Sheppard covers his ears, winces and coughs from the acrid smell of cordite. The King shouts, “Bull’s eye!” Dick looks impressed, but the King turns to him and scowls. ...

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George Reads: How Hope Became an Activist

In celebration of the book launch of How Hope Became an Activist, George has a few words to share from inside his backyard tree loft: You can read more about the title at hope.georgemjohnson.com.

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How Hope Became an Activist