George grew up in Waterdown, Ontario, where he has fond early memories of weekly trips to the library with his Dad, an English teacher, and where he later worked (and read) as a student. His Mom was a watercolor painter. After many years as an English Professor George became fascinated by the more visual (and collaborative) forms of writing: drama, screenwriting and picture books.

He has won a number of awards in all of these genres, including the 2007 Canadian National Playwriting Competition for his comic play Still Life With Nudes, published by ArtAge. His screenplay The Wonder was a Finalist in the British Independent Film Festival Competition and in the Script Doctor Contest of Contest Winners Competition in L.A. His screenplay Peace Pledge won the Wildsound Screenplay Competition, received Honorable Mention in the Euroscript Screenplay Competition and the New Renaissance Film Festival (London), and was an Official Finalist in the Cannes Screenplay Contest.

His first picture book How Hope Became An Activist was published in October, 2020. His picture book Sophia’s Secrets won the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Children’s Story competition, and will be published March 2023 by Clavis Books. Another one, Marisa and the Mountains was published by Simply Read Books in February, 2021. It was a Finalist in the San Francisco Writers Conference Writing Contest, as was his unconventional alphabet story, Aldo Renaldo and the Renegade Alphabet, which will be published by Histria Books, August 15th, 2023.

He believes in the power of literature to create empathy, and all of his work reflects his long-time advocacy of social justice.

For over 25 years he has been a Professor in the English and Modern Languages Department at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia, where he teaches creative writing and Modern literature, as does his wife and sometime collaborator Nina. He can be reached at gjohnson@tru.ca.

He likes to tell Jellybean stories (just ask Sophia and Ben), make puns and sing.

Canoeing, camping, and cross-country skiing count among his outdoor passions. Living surrounded by mountains, with a wife from the prairies, inspired him to write Marisa and the Mountains.

Coming soon...

Sophia's Secrets (New York: Clavis Books, March, 2023): In this intimate first-person story for 4-6-year olds, Sophia confides how she shares her secrets, from sneaky to toothy to hopeful, in delightful ways. (Clavis Publishing, 2023).

How Avery became An Environmentalist (London: Dixi Books, 2023): After nearly being stung, Avery learns more about the threats to bees and builds a Mason bee house. (Second book in the Activism for Kids series, Dixi Books, 2023).

Aldo Renaldo and the Renegade Alphabet (Las Vegas: Histria Kids, August, 2023.): Aldo's alphabet gets out of control! Will he be able to restore order before he has to recite it?

Boomerangst. An Eco-comedy. Retirement Rebellion With Rock Music ( Chimera and Pavilion Theatre, June 8-17th, 2023)

How Hope Became an Activist